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Posted on August 28, 2013 – 23:52
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The mad doctor and everyone has a little. So many people can not resist the temptation to prescribe prescribe a little something. It is natural remedy, one comprimidinho for pain or heartburn medicine you took when the neighbor took to her bed with the flu, or that famous that if you do well, it does not hurt.

This practice not only common among Brazilians is surrounded by serious risks. Many of the treatments prescribed by persons not trained can be extremely dangerous. All the remedy may have undesirable side effects and cause serious health problems.


Varella - What is the difference between autoprescrição and self-medication?

Anthony Wong - Self-medication that everyone condemned, it is often desirable. There's even a recommendation of the World Health Organization that responsible self-medication is beneficial for the health system. Why? Because in the case of a simple headache or toothache, abdominal cramps or menstrual, for example, if the person taking a drug that has no stripe on the box for a short time, will allay the symptoms and allow time for the problem sozimho is resolved. Therefore, responsible self-medication is economical and helps the health system as a whole.

Already autoprescrição, ie, the use of self-medication with red stripe or black box that can only be prescribed by doctors, it is extremely dangerous. To take up an idea in the United States, where the habit is much less entrenched than in Brazil, the adverse reaction to medication costs more than six million dollars annually.


Varella - All medications have side effects or no medicines without this feature?

Anthony Wong - There is a saying of Paracelsus, a famous Swiss scientist of the past, which helps to clarify this matter: "There is nothing in nature that is not poisonous. The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose prescription. " Water, for example, can be toxic. The drownings are caused by excess water and it is an element of considerable importance in cases of cerebral edema and pulmonary.


Levaquin Destroyed Me. Left To Suffer At Home.

2007-12-07 09:23:58 by Joeb7th

For the last two years I have lived a torturous nightmare due to my being prescribed Levaquin and it not being stopped when I complained that I was " dying" while taking it.
And there's nothing you can do about a situation like this because 100 attorneys I have called have turned me down from seeking legal action for 2 or 3 main reasons. Statute of limitations and
I didn't die or have my liver fail. This is now a requirement by 99.9% of malpractice attorneys. They tell me that Bush got the limit to these awards down to $250,000 and the only way they will take these is if you die or have liver failure so "they" can't lose

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